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As you read this post you will learn the secret to getting skin that glows from within. Glowing skin starts in your gut. Now I know t...

As you read this post you will learn the secret to getting skin that glows from within.
Glowing skin starts in your gut.

Now I know that doesn't sound very sexy - but it's true.

Impaired gut flora can be the root cause behind skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea and dermatitis.

If you are suffering from one of these conditions (or you're just sick of having dull, lifeless skin) adding a well formulated probiotic supplement can be a skin-changer. 

The Beauty Chef Glow Powder is quickly becoming a cult favourite product. After hearing a tonne of good reviews I purchased the Glow Powder & Collagen Elixir, and was gifted the Antioxidant Elixir at a later date.

I could list all the product specifics in this blog post but what you really want to know is if these products will actually do anything or will they be like the 17 other supplements you have sitting on your kitchen bench top that haven't done squat for you.

If you are interested in all the specifications - you can find them on The Beauty Chef website. To save you some time: basically these products are packed with probiotics, antioxidants and all the superfoods you could care for. They are designed to improve your gut health.

Taste & Texture

The Beauty Chef Collagen Elixir
The Collagen Elixir is my favourite out of the three. I only drink water so this feels like a treat. I am like a kid at Christmas skipping to kitchen to have my Collagen Elixir every morning. It tastes delicious, just like a sugar-free raspberry cordial. 

The Beauty Chef Glow Powder

The Glow Powder tastes like berries and was pleasant but a little lumpy in water - maybe I could have mixed it better. I loved putting this in my berry smoothies for an extra bit of flavour and because I am clearly too lazy to mix it properly in water.

*Update - The new ADVANCED GLOW powder does not have the lumpy issue and still tastes delicious.

The Beauty Chef Antioxidant Elixr
I didn't like the flavour of the Antioxidant Elixir half as much as the Collagen Elixir. It had a slight fizziness and reminded me of kombucha.

Did they work?

I found the effects of the three to be the same. Here is what I noticed:
  • An improvement in my digestion - things just run more smoothly.

  • Less bloating and IBS symptoms.

  • My skin glows. It looks so hydrated and healthy now.

  • A natural energy boost.

I tried taking probiotic tablets in the past but I always forgot to take them. Probiotics need to consumed within about a month of opening so my old pill ones would go out of date before I could finish them. I love that The Beauty Chef products taste so nice that I never forget to take them. Also, I never noticed a difference to my skin from taking probiotics in pill form.

As someone who is moderately frugal, the Glow Powder and Collagen Elixir seemed like a bit of a splurge at first, but then I got thinking. I was previously spending over $200 a month on takeaway meals and dining out. When I compared the price of the Glow Power and Collagen to the money I was spending on foods that were hurting my gut health - they started to look like a bargain. So I quit getting a few takeaway meals a week to cover the costs and not only did I get my healthier looking skin, I also lost a few kilograms just by cooking more meals at home.

The more I learn about gut health, the more convinced I become that well formulated supplements like these from The Beauty Chef are worth investing in. Having suffered with bad skin for years, the confidence these products have given me is priceless.

To conclude

I continue to buy the Glow Powder and Collagen Elixir because they make me feel good,  help my digestion and make my usually dull and acne prone skin radiant. I purchase mine from Beautiful Because because they offer free shipping on all orders over $50.

Thanks for reading,

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