5 Skincare Mistakes That Can Cause Acne and Breakouts

I am not a dermatologist or skincare expert but I do get my skincare advice from them. Today I am sharing some of the skincare mistakes that...

I am not a dermatologist or skincare expert but I do get my skincare advice from them. Today I am sharing some of the skincare mistakes that caused my acne. Since correcting these mistakes my skin has gone from this:

Paulas Choice

To this in about three months:

Paulas Choice

1. Not Washing Your Face For Long Enough.

I only used to spend about ten seconds washing my face.Now I spend a little bit longer massaging the cleanser into my skin and I think its really helped to remove the environmental pollution and makeup that would have been left sitting on my skin for hours.

2. Using Abrasive Physical Exfoliants or Scrubs.

Avoid these at all costs. Many scrubs have a rough, course or uneven texture which can be super irritating to the skin. If your anything like me and have the kind of skin that needs constant exfoliating (if I dont exfoliate, my face turns into a giant blackhead) try the Paulas Choice 2% BHA. My blackheads are completely under control since I started using this and its super gentle and effective.

3. Using Irritating Ingredients

This is what actually caused my acne. I went through an organic beauty phase and it destroyed my skin. I learnt that just because an ingredient is 'natural' or organic, it doesn't mean it is safe. There are lots of botanical ingredients that are good for the skin but unfortunately almost all of the organic products I was using contained very irritating ingredients as well such as essential oils, lemon, lavender oil, peppermint, rose, witch hazel and ylang ylang just to name a few. Irritants can cause your skin to become more sensitive over time and they can actually cause your skin to start to break down and can disrupt your skins ability to heal.

4. Picking at Your Skin

I used to be a serial picker. Almost everyday I would attack my skin. It was so satisfying to get all the gunk out of my face but it left me with redness, scarring and more acne. Breaking the habit was hard. It took about a month of my new skincare routine for all my acne to disappear and in that time, I really struggled to not pick. Luckily I got through because I reminded myself that the scarring would be around a lot longer than the pimple. I broke the habit and I haven't picked in months!

5. Not Using Sunscreen

Whilst not using sunscreen wont give you acne, it may prevent your acne pigmentation from healing. I honestly used to roll my eyes at those annoying 'use sunscreen' people. I hated the way it felt on my skin and I was lazy and couldn't bothered putting it on everyday. Now I'm one of those annoying sunscreen people. I looked at the studies and its legitimate. Using sunscreen can stop your skin from showing the signs of ageing. It can also help acne pigmentation to fade faster as the suns rays can cause the marks to darken. I highly recommend the Olay tinted moisturiser for sensitive skin if you are acne prone. Its fragrance free, lightweight and provides pretty good protection.

Thanks for reading my 5 skincare mistakes that can cause acne and breakouts. Do you do any of these? Leave me a comment below.

Lisa Wood Beauty

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  1. Great post! I too also suffered from acne a few years ago and still get the odd spot or 10 every now and again, and these mistakes/tips are spot on! I find it quite interesting that you had that experience with natural products, but it completely makes sense, especially how everyone's skin is different. I personally don't find organic or natural products as effective as cosmeceutical grade skincare, but each to their own! My number one problem was skin picking and eating dairy. I found cutting out lactose in my diet really helped to calm down inflammation.

    Chantalle | www.ceceandgrace.blogspot.com.au

  2. I can testify so much to irritating ingredients. I am now seeing how broken down my lipid barrier has become after using "clean and natural" skincare products and oils. All beautiful ingredients, however they are not suitable alone for skincare and do much damage over time. Roccoco Botanicals helped me realize that. It really is sad how much misinformation there is in green beauty and the marketing. It doesn't work for everyone, and fewer than we think. I am just starting to repair and build up my skin barrier again but still trying to decide what to use after two years of using oils and literally edible products... just by not using them anymore, my skin has improved a bit. Natural products could be really great if they are paired with science too, but in the Green world, all the science is considered toxic! At the end of the day, results matter, and especially for acne prone skin, there are so many clogging and irritating natural ingredients and very few truly safe ingredients (oils and extracts) for us. I don't use essential oils on my skin anymore either as I have found research that they can break the skin barrier down. It is liberating coming to all this realization, and also really sad too because of the growing number of companies spreading misinformation.